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You Were a Victim of Motorcycle Crash: Here’s What to Do Next

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Wednesday, 06 Jul 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on You Were a Victim of Motorcycle Crash: Here’s What to Do Next / 285 views

What to do in a Motorcycle AccidentYou fell off your bike. You’re on your own in the middle of the road. You reach for your phone. Who are you going to call?

Following the aftermath of your motorcycle accident, questions come rushing through your mind. Do I call a loved one? Do I call the police? Do I need a lawyer? While these are all valid concerns, your health comes first. Your priority is to get medical attention – and then the compensation you deserve.

Ignore Your Adrenaline

Your adrenaline goes haywire immediately after a crash on your bike. It can deceive you into thinking your injuries are minor and brushing them off. The problem is, seemingly minor symptoms can now lead to serious issues down the road. That’s why medical attention is imperative: it ensures that you get the necessary treatment before your injury develops into something worse.

Recall What Happened

Patients often take the time to physically and mentally process the effects of an accident. It is in this time of reflection that they realize it was the fault of another person. In this case, decide quickly if you intend to pursue a person injury claim, or else you may exceed the statute of limitations for filing a civil case.

According to Bern Ripka LLP, a firm comprised Brooklyn-based personal injury lawyers, families often end up coping with the physical, financial and emotional repercussions of another person’s error. Many of these victims face a lifetime of physical problems, inability to work, and thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Deal with Tedium of Treatment

If your injury is serious, you may need tedious medical treatment, which can be physically and financially exhausting. But if you skip on treatment, not only do you put your health at risk, you also restrict your ability to deliver a strong personal injury case.

When presenting a claim for injuries, your medical records will prove the extent and impact of your injuries. Without these records, you lose your key evidence.

Through this claim, you’re able to secure compensation for your treatment, lost income, and expenses. After all, the next biggest thing to your health is your financial welfare.