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What You Can Do to Appeal for a Denied Insurance Claim

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 02 Nov 2016 06:54 AM / Comments Off on What You Can Do to Appeal for a Denied Insurance Claim / 107 views

Signing an Insurance Claim Form in Los AngelesThere are times when an insurance company will act wrongly and deny people of their health claims. This is something you wouldn’t want to happen, especially when you badly need it.

In times of bad faith, Haffner Law and other legal professionals noted that insurance lawyers in Los Angeles could help you appeal the insurance claim. Here are some things you can do:


If you want to prove something wrong, you have to gather all the evidence you can get. This means you have to save the receipts, documents, or any communication that has something to do with your denied claim. You have to organize them, so it’s easier to bring and present your case to lawyers who can help.

It also goes that you need to organize your thoughts. While it’s easy to get all riled up, keep calm and record every conversation you may have had with the insurance company. Write them down, so you won’t forget them.


Hiring a lawyer for representation is the easiest and most convenient way to address the denied claim. While you can also do it on your own, an insurance lawyer can help you better especially in emotional times and circumstances. You can check for state health insurance consumer advocates who can provide you with information and referrals, as well.

List Down Names and Their Contact Details

When you call your insurance company and you’re being passed from one agent to another, list down names and contact details. If you can, it is always better to try to deal with one agent so you won’t have to rehash the whole story over again. Having a list of people to contact can help your lawyer in the proceedings.

The important thing to remember is not to give up. Your lawyer can help you trudge through this difficult time. It can get emotional and downright frustrating but you need to keep moving forward, even if sometimes you feel like you’re running in circles with the denied claim.