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What to Do When Caught in a DUI Case

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Thursday, 12 May 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on What to Do When Caught in a DUI Case / 297 views

Do's and Dont's when Caught in DUI Incidents in SpringfieldBeing caught driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is a serious offense that may lead to damage to properties or worse, injure or cause death to people. While everybody knows how dangerous it is to drive when intoxicated, some still make this mistake. If you are one of those who made this unfortunate mistake, you need to know how to handle the situation and never do it again. Here are some things you need to know.

Get Over the Arraignment

After the incident, you have to face an arraignment where you need to plead either guilty or not guilty to the charge of DUI. Most people charged with this claim are allowed to post bail and be released, but there are still impending legal actions to know what damages you’ve caused and how much settlement the other party deserves. Deny any accusations of having prior DUI cases for your own protection.

Hire a DUI Lawyer

After you get released, you need to evaluate your situation to know what action to take next. Hire the best DUI lawyer in Springfield, IL to make sure you’re getting the right legal advice and doing the right thing. Your options include pleading guilty, getting a plea bargain, or going on trial before a jury or a judge. The support of a lawyer is most important when you’re going on trial because you need someone who knows how to represent you well.

Don’t Ever Do It Again

If you are guilty or not having control of the way you drove because you were intoxicated, you should vow not to do it ever again. DUI cases can lead to death, and you don’t want to be the cause of someone’s death or your own. If you are alone or you are the designated driver, don’t drink. It’s that simple.

These are some things you need to know about if you ever get caught in a DUI case. Fight for your rights, but take responsibility not to make the same mistake again.