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What Every Parent Should Know about Colorado Child Support

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 06 Jul 2017 13:58 PM / Comments Off on What Every Parent Should Know about Colorado Child Support / 71 views

Child SupportFamily laws cover so much ground and come with serious complexities that it can – and will – quickly confuse an average person. This is particularly the case when the area that particular aspect in question already involves child support.

When the need for discussing child support arises

There are many reasons behind parents having to go through legal procedures to discuss child support. It may result from a legal separation, annulment, divorce, or in cases of separate maintenance.

Regardless of the main reason though, you should hire a child support lawyer in Colorado Springs to assist you throughout the complex process of this law.

How much is enough to meet a child’s needs?

Each state follows their model for calculating child support, which involves computing the amount that each parent has to pay. In Colorado, the primary component is each parent’s gross income, which includes any source that doesn’t classify as child support payments, non-primary job, public assistance, and/or retirement savings/plan.

In general, it’s 20% of the combined gross income of both the father and the mother for a single child and another 10% for each additional child. Each parent will then pay half of the combined gross income.

The length of time parents have to pay for child support

Under the Colorado family law, parents need to pay for child support until their children turn 19 years old. If their child still attends high school after 19, they would then have to continue making child support payments until their child turns 21.

Your child is everything to you, so you want to ensure that he/she receives everything he/she requires to grow up without having to give up school or going hungry. And because finances have a lot to do with your little one’s needs, you should have a legal professional by your side to ensure you aren’t alone in raising your kid.