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Upgrade Your Nursing Career and Become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Thursday, 01 Jun 2017 02:33 AM / Comments Off on Upgrade Your Nursing Career and Become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant / 1947 views

Judge Gavel and Stethoscope on TableBeing a nurse is exciting because there are no two days are the same. You may be helping deliver a baby one day, and dress a fatal wound the next. Being a nurse, however, isn’t as simple as you see it on television series. There are also bad days, where you have to help a terminally-ill patient eats through a tube or administer intravenous medicine to a person suffering from intense pain. Fortunately, there’s a way to work around these cons.

One of the best ways to keep your work exciting is to upgrade your career. While there are many options you can choose from, being a legal nurse is one of the most rewarding paths to take. The job includes assisting lawyers during cases with medical matters involved. If you’re interested, here’s a quick guide to becoming a certified legal nurse consultant:

Work Experience

The first requirement is to have an associate or bachelor degree in nursing and pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN), after which you can become a registered nurse. You’ll need five years of work experience as a registered nurse, followed by two years of legal nurse work to be qualified for the nurse consultancy certification.

Now, that’s the confusing part. How can you get two years’ worth of legal work as a nurse when you’re not even a legal nurse yet? Take, for example, the work of a nurse manager. Being one, you have to analyze and summarize medical records, which is a good start for legal work. From there, you can take a short course in legal studies to broaden your knowledge. If you’re not a nurse manager, however, you can take a master’s degree in nursing for two years, followed by legal studies.


After getting enough working experience, you’ll be ready to take and pass the certification exam with the American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board. Once you get it, you’ll have the perks of being a nurse consultant — the freedom and flexibility in your career. You can choose between being an in-house legal nurse or an independent consultant for different law firms and other companies.

If you want to upgrade your nursing career and get a more financially-rewarding job, become a nurse consultant today.