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Types of Evidence Needed to Strengthen a Motorcycle Accident Claim

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Monday, 29 Jan 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Types of Evidence Needed to Strengthen a Motorcycle Accident Claim / 680 views

Claim formMotorcycle crashes are among the most frequent accidents on the road. These are also one of the hardest to litigate. They are typically complex due to its contributing factors and nature of injuries sustained.

Sufficient evidence is necessary to ensure you get a fair compensation after your accident. You should talk to an Oklahoma-based motorcycle accident attorney to advise you on the evidence that will strengthen your case. Here are the types of evidence you might need in order to support and improve your motorcycle accident claim.

1. Police Reports

Regardless of the extent of injury following a motorcycle accident, always contact the police. They will get a record of your accident and create a detailed account of the factors involved. They will also gather information on the other people involved and witnesses at the accident scene.

2. Medical Records

Most motorcycle accidents result in grave injuries that warrant medical attention. Others, however, are not so serious. Always seek medical care after an accident. Medical employees are the best placed to assess your extent of injuries regardless of how you may feel.

Ensure you complete your treatment and fully comply with your doctor’s orders. Do not give your insurer a reason to deny your claim based on how you handled your medical treatment.

3. Accident Site Evidence

If possible, take photos of the area around your accident site, including visible injuries and the vehicles involved. Remember to note the weather conditions at the time of your accident. It is also wise to get the contacts of all witnesses at the crash site.

Though the police report will include this, it is essential information your lawyer will use to strengthen your claim.

Avoid talking about your accident on social media until after the payout. Making posts and attaching pictures of the accident in most instances compromises your case. Insurance companies might also be looking for evidence that is contrary to your assertions.