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Two General Rules on Property Division That Your Family Law Attorney Can Help You With

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 22 Mar 2017 10:24 AM / Comments Off on Two General Rules on Property Division That Your Family Law Attorney Can Help You With / 212 views

A Family Law AttorneyIf you and your spouse decide to separate, you may want to ask the help of a family law attorney. You want to avoid fights about money, real estate, businesses, stocks, and other personal properties, right?

To keep things civil between you and your spouse, a Denver, CO family law attorney can do you a favor.

The Fate of the Family Home

Between you and your spouse, who is the legal owner of the family home? Who usually lives in the family home? Who cares for the family home?

Under the rules, the spouse whose name is in the family home’s title gets the property. If your spouse’s name is in the title, it makes him or her the legal owner. Even if you stay in the home longer, and if you are in charge of caring for the home, it should not matter.

The Equitable Distribution Rule

Equitable distribution is a more conventional system when it comes to property division. Under this ruling, the court gets to decide on what is fair. A small setback of equitable distribution is the possible unequal division of assets to both spouses.

After all, the goal of equitable distribution is to achieve fairness. In the eyes of a judge, if it’s fair, it’s fair. The division may not be equal. But, the division is fair.

Conclusion: A Family Law Attorney in Denver, Colorado for Concerns with Property Division

The process of separating with your spouse may be complicated enough for you. Sadly, you have to worry about how you should divide the properties between you two – and how you should share them equitably. Handling the division on your own can lead to legal problems, which would only result in more problems.

The most practical way to handle the division of property is to let a family law attorney work wonders. Are you a resident of Denver, Colorado? If you are, luck’s on your side because you can find excellent lawyers in the area.