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Things to Know When Looking for a Legal Guardian for Your Kids

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 06 Sep 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Things to Know When Looking for a Legal Guardian for Your Kids / 106 views

Legal Guardian for Kids in OremThere are many reasons to appoint a guardian to a child. For example, if the parents of a child are not present or are not responsible enough to take care of their child, transfer of guardianship is an option for someone who is more concerned and available. Sometimes, appointing a legal guardian is the decision of the parents. Here are some things you need to know if you’re planning to do this.


If you are a parent who wants to appoint a legal guardian for your children in case you suddenly become incapable of taking care of them, the first thing you must know are the requirements to qualify as a guardian. This will guide you when choosing which relative or close friend you must appoint as your children’s guardian. The requirements include:

  • Must be legally an adult (age varies per state)
  • Must have a genuine concern for your kids’ welfare
  • Must have adequate time to take care of your kids
  • Must be physically and financially capable to take care of your children
  • Must have the values and morals you want your children to develop as they grow

Letter of Explanation

When nominating a legal guardian for your kids, it’s a great idea to give a letter of explanation to the court to prove that the person is capable of being a great guardian. You can consult with a guardianship attorney in Orem to compose an effective letter of explanation. A judge usually wants to know if the guardian can provide continuous and stable care if the guardian is fit (both morally and physically) and if they have a good relationship with your kids.

Make sure to only nominate and appoint a person to be your children’s guardian if you completely trust them. Consulting a lawyer to review the situation and give you legal advice is also important for your children’s benefit.