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The Passive-Aggressive Fight: Always Take the High Road

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Wednesday, 31 Aug 2016 07:56 AM / Comments Off on The Passive-Aggressive Fight: Always Take the High Road / 645 views

SeparationIf it takes two to tango, then it certainly takes two to resolve a conflict. But if this conflict involves a divorce and a passive aggressive ex, you’ve got another thing coming.

Separations finalized or not, will always bring about feelings of anger and resentment. Your ex might say they’re okay but their actions say otherwise. Their ill feelings manifest through small acts of aggression, despite the fact they remain passive most of the time.

Your passive-aggressive ex won’t act nasty but their actions smell strongly of hostility. If you don’t deal with properly, separation will be harder.

Don’t React — Respond

Whether it’s dealing with your divorce attorneys in Nassau County or a simple favor of picking up the kid’s school supplies, passive-aggressive people will find ways to undermine your authority. Their acts of defiance will annoy you, triggering a negative side of your personality.

When they do, don’t sink to their level. While their immaturity calls for vengeful actions, control how you respond. Instead, take the high road and be above reproach. If you have kids, don’t make your ex the bad guy; they are still your children’s parent. Be the mature one in the relationship by seeking peace instead of more war.

Kids First Always

Your ex-spouse might bear grudges till the end of time, but how you respond to them should serve as an example to the kids. The subtle personal attacks of your ex-spouse are nothing compared to your impact on the children. Apart from teaching them how to properly deal with passive-aggressive people, the kids also understand that there are more important things than winning a fight.

Keep Things Objective

When it comes to addressing problems, don’t let personal feelings get in the way. Instead, be assertive. Address concerns immediately instead of causing a scene or throwing a fit. Reacting to their passive-aggressive behavior subjectively will only prolong the problem.

Don’t let your passive-aggressive ex worsen the conflict. Always take the high road and let them see you will not sink to their level.