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The Increasing Complexity of Cybercrimes: What You Should Know

By Albert McGhee / Published on Tuesday, 03 Jul 2018 07:16 AM / Comments Off on The Increasing Complexity of Cybercrimes: What You Should Know / 1247 views

Small handcuffs on keyboardThere is a need for specialisation between media and internet legal practice. This allows lawyers to do in-depth studies related to their specialisation. However, it also happens that most media cases are inextricably linked to internet issues. Law firms use different ways to deal with the crossover.

One strategy in use by Pinder Reaux & Associates is to have internet lawyers working closely with media lawyers.

Social Media and the Law

The proliferation of social media has brought only a few new crimes. However, social media has made a big impact on other crimes. Specifically, it has created a major effect on the victim’s time, lifestyle and job, as well as on psychological and emotional state.

Cyberbullying and harassment are areas of concern in internet law. These include types of communications through social media with grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or false messages.

Harassment also includes the repeated sending of unwanted and unwarranted communications, to cause fear and distress. This type of behaviour extends to cyberbullying where it can be more than one individual working against a single person, or a single bully attacking more than one individual.


The concept of a crime done entirely through electronic means has given rise to the term “cybercrime.” It is not just a single act, series of actions, or a family of actions. It can be cyber-dependent crimes or cyber-enabled crimes.

Cyber-dependent crimes are those that can only be committed with the use of information and communications technology (ICT) devices like computers, tablets and cellphones. Cyber-enabled crimes are traditional crimes that have grown in scope due to the use of ICT devices.


In both of these instances, harassment and cyber-bullying can be both committed, depending on the intent and actions of the crime. Law firms with internet law teams are constantly trying to catch up with the latest technology in use to commit these crimes.

The specialisation is necessary for them to begin to understand the technology behind the crimes. Media law teams depend on these researches and assistance from internet law teams for modern media crimes.