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The Dangers of Subjecting Your Children to a Traumatic Custody Battle

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 22 Dec 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on The Dangers of Subjecting Your Children to a Traumatic Custody Battle / 126 views

The Effect of Divorce to Children in AlbuquerqueOne of the most spirited phases in a divorce proceeding is during the child custody hearing. During this high tension and dramatic process (where a spouse declares to be the victim), the child can become an instrument to inflict pain to the other party. What can you do to spare the child of this impending pain?

The Discussion is between Spouses, Not to the Child

Hard as it may be to admit, custody battles can be harsh. There are some who ask their family law attorneys in Albuquerque, NM, to seek custody since they know it is one way of getting back at their spouse. In the end, it will be the child who will suffer significantly.

The Aftermath of a Traumatic Custody

Psychology Today noted that one of the causes of post-traumatic stress in children is the divorce of their parents. Recent studies revealed that the realization of going their separate ways may or may not create a lasting negative impact on the child. This is particularly true in a household where arguments sometimes end in violence. In fact, the effect is more on the feeling of confusion and uneasiness at what can happen after the proceedings are over. The understanding that they might have to move somewhere else only adds to this uncertainty.

Explaining Why You Have to Part Ways

Be elaborate enough when explaining to your child why mom and dad have to separate. Along with this, assure them that you love them no matter what. This positive reinforcement can go a long way in terms of helping them cope with the situation. Make sure that you will be there for your child when they need you. Childhood Trauma Recovery stated that unavailability is one form of emotional abuse that you don't want your child to suffer.

If going through a divorce proceeding is difficult to either spouse, just imagine what effect it could be creating for your child. If they aren't able to cope up with the situation, it may affect the way they look at things, including their life. Don't let this happen.