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Spouse of an H-1B Visa Holder? Here’s How You Can Apply to Work in the US

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 17 Jan 2017 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Spouse of an H-1B Visa Holder? Here’s How You Can Apply to Work in the US / 104 views

US Work Permit in UtahHave you followed your working spouse in the U.S.? Do you also want to work just like your engineer husband or computer programmer wife? As a spouse of an H-1B visa holder, you can apply for a working visa, too.

With the previous ruling, you’re only eligible for a working permit in Utah, for instance, if your spouse has already applied for a green card and received an immigrant visa number. However, there is now a new national rule for this matter. Read on to know the things you should know about this application.

Who’s Eligible?

You are eligible for a working permit if you are a holder of the H-4, dependent spouse visa. It is also a must that your partner has a permanent residence status or a green card.

What Are the Required Documents?

You must file an application for employment authorization with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This application will take you at least 90 days, but it could take much longer if the USCIS received numerous applications that are the same as yours. Also, you have to provide proof that you have an H-4 status and your husband or wife has a green card, or at least has applied for it.

How Long Will the Working Permit Be Valid?

As soon as the USCIS process finishes, you’ll receive a work permit. With that, you can start sending your resumes to companies of your choice in the country. Just remember, your working permit is valid as long as your H1-B-visa-holding husband or wife has permission to stay in the country.

With this permit, you’ll no longer be bored staying at home while your partner goes to work every day. More importantly, you’ll now have an opportunity to continue the career you’ve left in your home country and get a better chance of achieving a great life here in the U.S.