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Preparing a Deposition for a Medical Malpractice Suit

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 02 May 2017 02:37 AM / Comments Off on Preparing a Deposition for a Medical Malpractice Suit / 154 views

Doctor covering his face after an unsuccessful treatmentIf someone sues you for medical malpractice, it could be a very frustrating and daunting experience.  If you lose your case, the consequences could range from an investigation by the health department to a raise in your insurance rates that could affect your practice.  It is critical that you report a medical malpractice claim made against you to your insurance company and immediately retain a lawyer experienced in defending medical malpractice claims.  Aside from that, you must prepare yourself properly for the upcoming deposition.

Prepare for Deposition

A deposition is a question and answer session performed under oath where the plaintiff’s lawyer would ask you certain questions related to the claim.  It is one of the most crucial aspects of the entire litigation process.  Although you cannot simply win your case just with a solid deposition, you could defend your case and help increase your chances of winning.

A deposition involves two critical components.  One, the extensive review of all medical records related to the claim, and two, discussing all medical-legal issues that apply to your case with your lawyer.  According to a medical malpractice lawyer in Springfield, Illinois, its idea that you meet with your attorney three or four days prior to your deposition so that you could go over any loose ends.

Additionally, meeting with your attorney at this time would help keep your discussion fresh in your mind.  During this meeting, you and your attorney would thoroughly discuss issues that would be the main focus at your deposition.  Your attorney would help you in properly phrasing your answers to ensure that they are accurate and concise.  Ample and proper preparation would communicate to the claimant’s party that you are very serious about resolving the case and defending yourself.

The Bottom Line

With plenty at stake, it is vital that you prepare for your deposition and follow your attorney’s advice.  Collaborate closely with your attorney and it will help increase your chances of getting positive results, with the court ruling in your favor.  In addition, keep in mind that although it might be more convenient to let your attorney handle the case, they cannot do the deposition for you.