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Personal Injury Law: What is it and How Can a Lawyer Help You?

By Albert McGhee / Published on Wednesday, 09 May 2018 08:31 AM / Comments Off on Personal Injury Law: What is it and How Can a Lawyer Help You? / 410 views

Personal Injury Lawyer talking to his clientPersonal injury law, or tort law, is a branch of law that deals with cases where an injury to the body, mind, and emotion of an individual arises because of another person’s careless or negligent actions.

A personal injury case usually begins when the plaintiff files a suit against the defendant, which could be a person or a business. If you need to file such a case against someone, several personal injury lawyers here in Townsville can help you.

Common Personal Injury Cases

All types of cases where an individual is unnecessarily hurt or injured fall under personal injury law. Here are the most common personal injury cases.

  1. Car, motorcycle, bicycle, and boating accidents
  2. Animal bite injuries
  3. Burn injuries
  4. Construction accidents
  5. Injuries caused by defective products
  6. Medical malpractice
  7. Injuries caused by abuse from a nursing home
  8. Pedestrian accidents
  9. Slip and fall accidents
  10. Mental and emotional distress caused by defamation
  11. Injuries at the workplace
  12. Wrongful death

Why Do You Need A Lawyer?

Filing a personal injury case is very complex and requires extensive knowledge and expertise regarding personal injury law. In fact, it is so complex that lawyers often specialise and focus on specific types of personal injury cases.

A personal injury lawyer will handle everything from the beginning until the end, so you will not have to worry about anything. Some of the things your lawyer will help you with are the following.

  1. Investigate claims
  2. Gather evidence
  3. Formulate legal theories, strategies, and actions
  4. Draft pleadings, motions, and discovery
  5. Interview and depose witnesses
  6. Counsel clients
  7. Prepare and represent clients at trial

Final Thoughts

If you think you are a victim of physical or emotional abuse or injury, do not hesitate to seek out legal actions against the one who caused the injury. Just make sure that the lawyer you hire is capable and qualified to handle the type of personal injury case you have.