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Personal Injury Claim: Potential Damages for Car Accidents

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017 21:00 PM / Comments Off on Personal Injury Claim: Potential Damages for Car Accidents / 418 views

Runner with leg injuryAn auto accident is usually a traumatic experience that could result in unexpected costs including hospital bills and vehicle repairs among others. Add to that loss of income or employment because of your injury and worrying about the future, most especially if your injury threatens to reduce or completely take away your quality of life. That said, you could start healing and get back your life by initiating a personal injury claim.

What You Stand to Gain from a Personal Injury Claim

If another individual injured you in an auto accident, you could be entitled to receive compensation for hard costs or economic damages. These include all your healthcare related expenses, car repairs, ambulance fees, as well as lost income or job loss. In addition to economic damages, you might also obtain compensation for non-economic damages you suffered.

Emotional matters including suffering and pain, inconvenience, loss of life enjoyment and consortium, emotional anguish, embarrassment, anxiety, as well as humiliation could contribute to how much compensation you might be entitled to. To make matters more complicated, the cause of an auto accident might not always be clear, or worse, the negligent party might refuse to admit that he or she caused the accident to avoid liability for the incident, and hence the penalties that come with it, warns an experienced car crash attorney in Marysville.

What’s more, you might also have to deal with your insurance provider. The problem with this is that most providers employ professionals who are skilled at manipulating the law to avoid liability and paying out what’s rightfully yours. Fortunately, you could get advice from a personal injury lawyer to help you get the settlement you deserve.

Main Takeaway

You have all the right to get compensation if you have been injured in a car crash and are eligible for economic and non-economic damages. Depending on the specific circumstances, however, you might have issues with the liable party and/or your insurance company. To get everything you’re entitled to, seek help from a personal injury lawyer to advocate for your cause.