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Parties You Can Sue if Your Car Accident is Caused by an Automobile Defect

By Albert McGhee / Published on Thursday, 26 Apr 2018 13:49 PM / Comments Off on Parties You Can Sue if Your Car Accident is Caused by an Automobile Defect / 1040 views

People in a car accidentCar accidents are responsible for over 10 million deaths annually. Though most accidents are by drivers’ fault, a significant number result from vehicle defects. These are beyond your control, and you deserve compensation.

In cases where your accident results from a vehicle defect, you can sue different parties for compensation. A car crash lawyer from a Kent-based firm can help you in filing the appropriate parties and getting fair compensation.

Here are some of the parties that you can sue in an accident caused by automobile defects.

The Manufacturer or Assembling Company

Some legislation in place require a car manufacturer to ensure cars adhere to high safety standards. The manufacturer should recall any vehicles that do not meet the set standards.

In the event of an accident due to a car defect, you have the right to sue for compensation from the manufacturer for design flaws and production errors.

Parts and Equipment Manufacturers

Manufacturing a vehicle involves different components, and they come from various manufacturers. The equipment producer of the car part that contributed to your accident can also be held responsible for the crash.

If your accident was because of multiple defective parts, you could sue all the various equipment manufacturers for negligence.

Your Car Dealer

You can also sue your car dealer for negligence for selling you a defective product. This is especially so if the dealer was aware of the defect and still went ahead and sold the car. The dealer’s mechanic should have inspected the vehicle before its sale and recognized any defects.

Though the above parties are routinely held responsible for accidents resulting from car defects, you can also be sucked in. If they prove you knew the vehicle was defective and still used it, you will shoulder some responsibility for the accident.