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Overview: Responsibilities of a Private Investigator

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Overview: Responsibilities of a Private Investigator / 245 views

Duties of a Private Investigator in AtlantaPrivate detectives or private investigators (PIs) are professionals who provide investigatory legal services. They can be hired by individuals, organizations, and law enforcement agencies. Their service may vary from finding a missing person to conducting research for legal, financial, and criminal investigations.

The following are some of the key duties of a private investigator.


Research is one of the basic duties of a detective. Professional PIs are proficient at researching a person’s background, family history, and even legal records.

Detectives also use computers to find documents and information relevant to the case they are working. These include everything from telephone numbers and car registration to court judgments and criminal records. In Atlanta, competent private investigators analyze the data that they collect to uncover facts and solve mysteries.


To find pertinent information, detectives also interview people. In case of a missing person, the investigator interviews relatives and friends of the individual. And if it’s a criminal case, the detective gathers information from the victim and witnesses. They piece together the gathered facts and clues to solve the case by identifying the identity and whereabouts of the person at fault.


Investigators also conduct surveillance to find out the activities of a person or a company. Many clients hire investigators to check if their spouses are cheating. You can use the result of the investigation to; for instance, support your claims when filing for divorce or child custody.

They also monitor people to verify their income and location of employment. Surveillance services are given to people and companies who suspect another person of fraud or any other deceitful or illegal activity. Many PIs conduct physical surveillance while others use specialized equipment and technology to fulfill their duties efficiently.

These are the key duties of a private investigator. In case you need their service, find an experienced and reliable detective. Go for one who resorts to legal and fair practices to ensure safe and efficient service.