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Low Morale in the Office? Here are Some Signs

By Admin / Published on Monday, 15 May 2017 03:49 AM / Comments Off on Low Morale in the Office? Here are Some Signs / 87 views

Disagreeing Co-workersIt is not rare for employees to experience low morale, that stage when they lose the drive and enthusiasm to do work because of varying reasons. Learn to identify this stage and find solutions for them, or else your business suffers.

There is almost nothing that a union mediation or arbitration cannot solve. Here are some signs low morale plagues your office.

Frequent Tardiness

When members of your staff start to be late almost every week, or worse, almost every other day, then they might not be as enthusiastic to work as they used to feel. Employees who love their jobs normally look forward to going to work. They wake up daily with much enthusiasm.

Tardiness is a red flag to watch out for.

Lateness Turns to Absences

Lateness that is unresolved normally becomes absences. That lack of desire to proceed to the workplace eventually lasts an entire day. There will always be a pattern, which you could readily observe. The moment this becomes apparent, do your best and find a way to help bring back the enthusiasm.

Although you might instinctively impose some disciplinary actions, treat this is a warning sign of low morale. So find out what the underlying cause is.

Low Output

Although this is highly applicable in industrial settings, it is also a barometer in other businesses. If your employee is in charge of marketing, a declining number of sales per month could be a warning sign that he lost the interest to pursue good output. Low productivity is one sign of low morale among employees.

When you fail to arrest or abate the low morale in the office, your business suffers. You are not getting the optimum performance from your employees like you used to. So nip it in its bud and look for solutions. The best way is still to talk to them and settle things out.