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Is It Resonating?: Measuring Your Legal Blogging Strategy

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Friday, 24 Jul 2015 03:45 AM / Comments Off on Is It Resonating?: Measuring Your Legal Blogging Strategy / 640 views

Justice gavel with blurred law books in the backgroundLaw firms have successfully utilized blogs and social media platforms as business development tools for the better part of the decade. Other than devising a legal blogging strategy for your target niche, it is also important to assess how well it resonates with the audience.

Like any business development effort, execution is key. Lawyer marketing is an art and a strategy, says For it to drive compelling results, you have to ask several questions to measure your efficiency as a team.

The Right Kind of Measuring

One of the biggest errors in the industry of legal blogging is committing to the wrong set of measurable objectives. While it helps to focus on data-based metrics, the real ROI for blogs and social media activity is measured differently.

The right question to ask should focus on strategy execution and how it is resonates with an audience. Does it enhance your reputation? Is your network of relationships growing? Even more importantly, are you establishing yourself as a subject matter expert?

Is Your Reputation Being Enhanced?

When it comes to reputation and gaining industry recognition as a subject matter expert, it’s important to consider this: how valuable are the information and perspectives offer? Are you getting high-quality clients?

Law firms have access to valuable information and perspective. They are in the greatest of positions to produce and publish compelling content because they rank among the intellectuals of society with a clear grasp of its legal, regulatory and economic aspects.

By capitalizing on this, a law firm can assure the content will be compelling, that the blogs encourage stronger discourse about the topic at hand, that the overall online strategy will drive high-quality clients, help with the growth of their reputation.

Take a good look at your blog and make sure it contributes to the bigger picture.