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Injury at Work: What to Do Next

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 06 Apr 2017 21:12 PM / Comments Off on Injury at Work: What to Do Next / 74 views

Injured Worker When you figure in an accident at work, it would be best to file a claim with your insurance company. Doing this will ensure that you are well compensated for the injuries that you have sustained.

Accidents happen at a time that you least expect them. If you are constantly exposed to sharp or blunt equipment, the risk of injury also increases. Now if you figured in an accident at work and your insurance company denied your claim, a bad faith insurance claims attorney in Los Angeles, California shares these things that you or your family can do.

Secure a Medical Certification

Once your injury has been brought to the attention of a doctor, you should ask for a medical certification immediately. Doing this will ensure that the immediate results of the injury are noted. In addition, if it is the in-house company doctor that will issue the certification, you should seek a second or third opinion. US News recommends that when you’re in doubt, seeking a second opinion would be prudent. Do not delay this because as each day passes, the state of the injury could change. This medical certification will be your evidence in case you need to go to court.

Take Photos

Make use of your smartphone wisely. If you can, take photos of the incident. If you are the victim, perhaps a co-worker might have the chance to take snapshots or a video clip of your accident. In the event no photo was taken, just make sure that you can take photos at the hospital.

File a Claim

Remember to file a claim against the insurance company. You would need to be compensated for your injuries. The compensation would also depend on the severity of the injury. If the insurance company denies your claim, immediately seek the help of a bad faith insurance attorney in Los Angeles.  The insurance company could have denied your claim without conducting an investigation or refused it even if they were legally bound to pay for it.

Let Lawyers Do the Job

Once you have already brought your case to a lawyer, provide them with the facts and the evidence they would need. Be honest so that your lawyer would be able to make the right assertions and build your case.

Always remember to take immediate action when an injury happens. Aside from treating the injuries, it would be best for you to file a claim with the insurance company and seek the advice of an insurance lawyer.