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Impact of Different Third Parties on the Outcome of a Child Custody Case

By Albert McGhee / Published on Thursday, 08 Nov 2018 07:19 AM / Comments Off on Impact of Different Third Parties on the Outcome of a Child Custody Case / 1008 views

a child holding her teddy bearSeparation might be the hardest thing you and your ex will go through. It, however, need not be a hard time for your children. Most parents remain civil and try as much as they can to minimize the impact of their separation on the kids.

Getting a child custody lawyer from Murray such as Day Shell & Liljenquist, L.C. to handle your case and get your agreement in writing even if you have no issues is still essential. One of the elements that the courts evaluate to ensure your child’s best interests are assured are the third parties in your life.

Here are some of these parties and their impact.

A new romantic partner

There is no harm in moving on with someone else after your separation. Your ex might highlight some issues with your new romantic interest such as criminal background or other issues that are not healthy for your child. In these cases, the court might not be as favorable towards your child custody application.

Close relatives

If there exist any issues with any of your relatives such as your parents, the court might order minimal contact between the child and this person. Some of these issues include drug addiction and child abuse. In other cases, the relative might negatively impact your case if he or she talks ill of your ex and influences your kids to turn against him or her.


You have little control over who your neighbors will be. Your ex might, however, use this against you if the neighbors are unhealthy for your child’s upbringing. In light of this, the court might limit your visitation periods and frequency.

Most parents do not think much of third parties in their life when pursuing child custody. From the above tidbits, you now appreciate how they might impact your case’s outcome. Get an attorney to advise you and help you handle your situation to ensure the third parties have minimal impact on your case.