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How to Stay Safe While Riding Your Motorcycle

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Thursday, 21 Jun 2018 20:23 PM / Comments Off on How to Stay Safe While Riding Your Motorcycle / 724 views

Motorcross rider exhibitionMotorcycles are the most at-risk vehicles on the road and riding one puts you a step closer to danger. However, you can reduce your odds of getting hurt by wearing safety gear like a helmet and being alert at all times.

Keep in mind the following safety tips. If you still get involved in an accident despite these, then William R. Rawlings & Associates and other law experts recommend calling for legal representation.

Before taking a ride

Check the tires for cuts and lodged foreign objects. Inspect the controls and see if the cables are strong or if there are signs of twists or stiffness. The brakes, lights, turn signals, and horn should all be working properly as well. In addition, you should also check the oil and fuel. If your bike is liquid-cooled, you might as well inspect the coolant levels.

While on the road

Watch out for potential hazards like railroad tracks, turning vehicles, and transition curves.  To keep yourself aware of your surroundings, don’t lock your sights on one object for more than two seconds. In addition, be sure that other drivers see you by turning your headlamps on even during the day. You should also avoid getting behind or riding in the blind spots of larger vehicles.

When you are running at speeds under 40 mph, keep a two-second gap between you and the vehicle ahead of you. When you are at higher speeds on the open road, maintain a gap of three or four seconds.

Be on the alert when approaching intersections. Check for vehicles coming from the sides and from behind. Never attempt to overtake other vehicles when approaching a corner.

When riding at night

Be extra careful and watch the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Be sure that your face shield doesn’t have scratches on it to avoid light refraction. Refracted light may confuse you and cause you to see four headlights when there are actually two.

When riding a motorcycle, be careful since accidents can cause serious and costly medical problems. If you get involved in one, contact a motorcycle injury attorney immediately. Getting the services of reliable lawyers can help you receive the compensations that you deserve.