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How to Shift Careers Successfully

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Monday, 22 Jan 2018 03:26 AM / Comments Off on How to Shift Careers Successfully / 243 views

an employee holding a folder with career diagram behind himDeciding on what career to pursue is not always an easy task. Career change is also something that many consider after spending a few years in a particular job. Statistics show that the average time a person changes jobs is 12 times. This means it can take a few years before someone finally finds the job and company that he or she would like to work with until retirement.

Shifting careers can be quite daunting, especially if you’re not sure what you should pursue next. Here are a few tips that can help you arrive at a smart decision:


One of the reasons people work in a different city or location is the abundance of opportunities. If you feel like the industry you are in is already congested, you might want to consider applying for a work visa in Utah and land a job that suits your skills and experience. Working in a place away from home will allow you not only to grow professionally but also to learn more about other cultures.

Re-assess your goals

Have you recently realized that your current job is not in line with your goals? Make a list of what you want to achieve in the next five years, as well as the careers that you know you would be passionate in pursuing. Sometimes money just comes second when you are enjoying what you do day in and day out.

Attend training and workshops

You may not be qualified for the job you are eyeing right now, but this does not mean it’s a dead end. Look for an online course or get certified through training. This will help you become qualified for that next level job or a total career change.

Changing careers can be confusing, and you might want just to stick to your current job to avoid such change. But the courage to take the plunge can be the best decision you’ll ever make.