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Find a Job: 3 Practical Tips on Employment in the US as a Foreigner

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 10 May 2017 08:13 AM / Comments Off on Find a Job: 3 Practical Tips on Employment in the US as a Foreigner / 165 views

Working OverseasWhite collar jobs in the US have become more open to foreign applicants in recent years. The globalization of the talent pool and workforce continues to pave the way for non-US citizens seeking greener pastures, such as employment abroad.

Here are some tips that could help foreigners successfully land a job in the US.

Know the Process

To work in the US, you need to secure a work visa. For instance, if you’ve been offered a job in Provo, specifically, the company would often handle the processing of your work visa in Utah. In some cases, spouses and children of the successful applicant have the option to accept dependent visas.

At the core of employment abroad, learning the process can prepare any applicant in setting the timeline and securing the necessary requirements.

Be Prepared for Homesickness

One of the most difficult things that come with working overseas is homesickness. While technology has made it possible to communicate faster and better, homesickness is not something a quick phone call can easily cure. This is why many expatriates join local groups – to meet people who share the same culture and have similar experiences in life abroad. Knowing that there are organizations like these can help foreigners cope with homesickness. At the same time, joining groups allow the learning of new information beneficial to one’s life abroad.

Network, Network, Network

As a newcomer, it is important for foreigners to make connections that can jumpstart their network. Take, for example, how large the network is in the IT industry. As an IT professional who recently made the “big move,” there are offline and online connections available for the new guy’s network. From colleagues to partners and clients, this kind of network is beneficial in cases such as contract renewal or job referrals.

Get the Job

As with most applications, preparing well for the interviews is a must. Knowing vital information and practicing his or her speech will help an applicant fare better. These three things can definitely help any foreigner land job opportunities abroad.