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DUI Lawyer: It’s Important to Know DUI Laws

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Tuesday, 13 Sep 2016 03:29 AM / Comments Off on DUI Lawyer: It’s Important to Know DUI Laws / 386 views

DUI Lawyers in IllinoisOne of the things that most people fail to remember is that laws and regulations can vary from one state to the next. Take the case of Illinois. One of the things that set Illinois DUI laws somewhat unique is the fact that it covers a wide range of DUI offenses. This would include impaired driving to driving under the influence of drugs. This is the reason why a lot of people see Illinois as quite aggressive as far as DUI is concerned. This is the same reason why DUI lawyers are quite common in this state.

Illinois DUI Laws

A good way to keep yourself from getting traffic citation is being familiar with Illinois DUI laws. One of the things that you have to remember is that while Illinois considers drunk driving as having a BAC of 0.08% while driving, you can still get cited for DUI if you have a BAC of anywhere between 0.05% and 0.08% if the officers can see evident impairment in your behavior. Citations at this level, however, would not necessarily result to statutory summary suspension, and would typically depend on the outcome of the case.

One of the pieces of advice that a DUI lawyer in Springfield, Illinois would tell you is to not refuse testing if you have been cited for a moving violation. At a BAC of 0.08%, your license is bound to get suspended immediately. Now, there is no need to freak out about this as the state of Illinois will allow you to 45 days to fight your citation. You would also be given a receipt that would allow you to temporarily drive.

Another nuance of the Illinois driving laws that you any DUI lawyer in Springfield, Illinois would want you to keep in mind is that it can be quite expensive. Having your license reinstated alone would set you back a few hundreds of dollars as you have to pay a filing fee, a reinstatement fee, and an application fee.