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Contemplating Divorce: Should I End it?

By Albert McGhee / Published on Friday, 14 Sep 2018 18:50 PM / Comments Off on Contemplating Divorce: Should I End it? / 772 views

DivorceThe reasons for pursuing divorce are personal and depend on every couple. Some think that constant arguing is a valid reason for making the decision, while others believe that it is better to stick it through despite abuse or infidelity. The decision to end a marriage will always be a personal matter and your own circumstances can dictate whether or not divorce will benefit you.

When contemplating divorce, a family lawyer in Albuquerque may point out that it is best to consider the following:

The State of Your Marriage

When marital problems arise, it is always advisable to resolve them or seek counseling. But you also need to consider the state your relationship and the way you feel being married to your partner. It may be normal to feel sad sometimes, but it if your spouse doesn’t seem to care about you or respect your decisions, you may start wondering if getting a divorce is the right option.

If counselling or resolving issues on your own doesn’t work, divorce is worth considering. If your marriage is strained and you have tried almost everything to reconnect, divorce may come into the picture. This is to avoid hurting the children and causing more damage to the relationship.

Infidelity in the Relationship

While cheating does not automatically mean divorce, you always have the final say whether or not you should take back an unfaithful partner. If your spouse has cheated and promised to change, you must take note of his or her actions and behaviors.

Divorce may be the right choice if your partner shows no sign of remorse or changing, and continues with the habit. This is particularly true if drugs, alcohol, and pornography are involved. These things can make the relationship unsafe and damaging for you and your kids.

Feeling Safe with Your Spouse

While your marriage doesn’t need to be perfect, you should feel safe not just physically, but also emotionally and sexually in a relationship. If abuse or violence is involved, you can consider divorce. Keep in mind that it is never advisable to stay in an abusive or harmful marriage. If you and your kids no longer feel safe and loved, terminating the marriage may be the right decision.

Divorce may mean ending a marriage, but it is not always a bad thing. If you think divorce is the right solution for you, talk to a family or a divorce lawyer immediately.