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Considering Divorce Mediation: Know the Benefits

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 09 May 2017 19:55 PM / Comments Off on Considering Divorce Mediation: Know the Benefits / 114 views

Lawyer Talking to Divorcing CoupleSome relationships just end. When they do, it is good to know the US supports and respects a few options that the married but unhappy couple may consider.

Whether or not it is true half the marriages in the US end in divorce, it is not true that all those divorces end up in court. Many divorces find settlement in mediation. In mediation, you and your spouse hire a third party – a neutral party – to help you both figure out what is best for your divorce.

It is an option for those who do not want to battle in court, which can be a long and bitter battle.

Benefits of mediation

If you are on that road towards divorce, consider the benefits of mediation:

  • You can still have your own lawyers. Make sure to go to a good Long Island, NY divorce attorney for advice on what you should do.
  • Mediation may cost only a fraction of what a court trial may cost.
  • You and your spouse decide what happens. If a divorce goes to court, the court will make all the rulings, which may be impersonal and based on laws alone.
  • There is no public record of what happens during mediation, so you can keep things private.
  • You have a chance to settle all the issues in your divorce.
  • You and your spouse may find common ground, which means communication may improve between the two of you. This is one way to prevent conflicts in the future.


You are probably wondering whether you and your spouse are good candidates for mediation. If you:

  • have young children;
  • have to work together even after the divorce;
  • simply want your divorce to be private and peaceful since your relationship is not abusive or bitter.

You may be proper candidates for mediation. Talk to your lawyer about it. If your spouse is willing to participate in mediation, it might just be the best next step.