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Better Start Early: Estate Planning

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Monday, 27 Mar 2017 04:22 AM / Comments Off on Better Start Early: Estate Planning / 392 views

Family Law Attornewy With His ClientsWhen it comes to succession preparations, retirement, and end of life planning, it may be best to start when you are young. You can make the argument that you're still young and have a long life to live. However, we can never be sure of what tomorrow brings, so it is best to be prepared for when that time comes. In Townsville, family law attorneys will be glad to lend you their expertise.

Estate and Family Security

In succession preparation, otherwise known as estate planning or making a will, you can make sure that your properties and your wealth will go to the people who deserve them. You can also prevent the erosion or decrease in value of the assets in your estate. Ultimately, you can also make sure that your family and other beneficiaries will receive their portions of your estate with no arguments.

Will Cancellations

Before making a will, you should first learn about the triggers that invalidates wills. Most Australians make the mistake of making a will and then entering a marriage. They don't realise its negative impact on their estate planning. In this case, any marriage can cancel your will.


Divorce also affects your will. For most jurisdictions, a divorce will cancel your partner’s part in your will, especially if they are the executor or a beneficiary. In contrast, a separation will only separate you from your partner. Your spouse will remain in the will, and will still be entitled to receive a portion of your estate.

Regular Reviews

Once you have made a will, you can review your estate plan regularly during key points in your life. You can review your will every time you get your taxes done. You should also ask your lawyers the effects of such events such as the birth of children, a person’s death, moving superannuation, adoption, changes in investment structures, or a cash windfall. 

When you start early on your will or estate planning, you can better secure the future of your estate and your family. You can start on your will with the help of Townsville family law attorneys.