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Battle of the Sexes Goes to the Court House

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Monday, 25 Jul 2016 07:59 AM / Comments Off on Battle of the Sexes Goes to the Court House / 344 views

Female Lawyer VS Male Lawyer in ColoradoYour divorce attorney is your best ally during the roller coaster ride of separation. With their legal expertise, they serve as one of your solid rocks while you sort out the mess. Finding the right one matters, especially if you want the odds to be in your favor.

During your search for the right attorney, you have to consider a number of factors. In fact, a blog from Gordon N. Shayne lists down important considerations. But should gender be one of them? Some people think they would win if they work with a specific gender.

The Client

Some people work better with women, while others prefer male advice. As clients rely heavily on lawyers to keep them moving towards the right direction, preference and comfort are important. Divorcing spouses need legal advisors who also serve as authority figures; others want lawyers who can easily relate.

The running stereotype is male attorneys are more aggressive compared to their female counterparts. That’s not always true. All of their differences should boil down to personality more than just the gender. If you’re more comfortable with a male lawyer, then hire a man.

The Judge

Do judges mind the gender of the lawyers? Not so much.

In some states, courts practice the “old boys’ network,” favoring one lawyer over others. This type of favoritism focuses on familiarity instead of gender. Like any individual, some judges are more comfortable working with people they know. As a result, they give consistent lawyers the benefit of the doubt while others must prove themselves.

The Other Lawyer

From the other lawyer's perspective, gender makes no difference at all. Female lawyers are just as aggressive as their male counterparts. While gender is not a big factor, their qualities and capabilities have the final say.

Aside from your soon-to-be ex, your attorney is the other person who can make a difference. In the long run, gender wouldn’t weight much. What will matter is this: can your lawyer help you achieve your goals?