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Algomi Set to Shake Up the Fixed Income Trading World

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Thursday, 21 Sep 2017 15:52 PM / Comments Off on Algomi Set to Shake Up the Fixed Income Trading World / 288 views

Group of businessman on a meetingAlgomi Review has regularly seen the company up in the top 50 fintech companies. This has happened year after year since the company’s inception in 2012. The company was founded by Stu Taylor and Usman Khan, both award-winning businessmen in their own right, their achievements are on Algomi´s website for your review. Algomi continues to make waves in the fixed income trading world.

Algomi’s products have won numerous prizes for innovation and they have the potential to foster real change in the way traders work.

Unlocking the potential in big data

For years, people have known that there is a lot of data that exists but is usually inaccessible. Algomi is working on ways to unlock the information in this kind of data. Algomi´s CEO Stu Taylor says: “We know where the data is and who owns it and will be providing a pathway to access,” Taylor says. “Data in fixed income is going through a small revolution.”

Investment leading the way

Recently pan-European stock market Euronext has invested $10 million in Algomi. Euronext’s plan is to develop a multilateral trading facility in conjunction with Algomi, using their MTF knowledge with Algomi’s cutting edge technology. This interest could very well have come from Algomi Review and their myriad of awards and commendations.

As with the majority of Algomi’s software, Euronext Synapse will link with Algomi’s other software for buy- and sell-side traders, providing information from both sides anonymously.

Competition in the future

Recently The International Organization of Securities Commissions has reported that there are concerns that it will be difficult for technologies to achieve rapid increases to their efficiencies for finding and pricing securities. This is for a few reasons. The lack of a centralised pool of liquidity, the small amount of corporate bonds available, and the many different preferences for execution.

Algomi also has some competition on the horizon with data analytics provider Corvil announcing it was expanding into the world of fixed income trading. David Murray, chief business development officer at Corvil said: “The electrification of fixed income has accelerated and there will continue to be new venues and trading protocols.”

Watch this space for more Algomi reviews and news.