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A Menu of Separation Options: Which Divorce Suits You Best?

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 24 Nov 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on A Menu of Separation Options: Which Divorce Suits You Best? / 100 views

SeparationDuring the earlier years, everyone’s divorce process was pretty much the same. If you wanted to separate from your spouse, all you had to do was find a lawyer, file papers, and fight in court until you reach a settlement. There was no other choice.

Today, things have changed.

The country’s divorce system is still a long way from achieving perfection, but the newer processes make things better. There are different ways to get through divorce besides fighting in court until you’re exhausted, broke, and hammered out.

Collaborative Divorce

According to most Long Island divorce attorneys, collaborative divorce is the new game. The process encourages you, your spouse, and the attorney to work together to achieve a resolution outside of court. Apart from the attorney, you are also free to have a child specialist, divorce coach, and financial expert on board. The size of your team, however, depends on the complexity of the case.

Through collaborative divorce, couples receive extensive support for any of the processes. It’s not the least expensive, but it’s less costly than going to trial. If you wish to maintain a good working relationship with your ex, this is the best way to go.


Mediation, an outside-the-court-dispute process, requires the hand of a mediator — an independent and neutral third party. The mediator helps both spouses resolve their case. While the third party can be a lawyer, they are not allowed to give legal advice.

Mediators will not draft all your legal documents. Their sole job is to help you settle the case and note down the agreement you make.

Mediation is good for couples who are both willing to produce financial information to their mediator and each other. Despite the lawyer’s presence, most of the mediation occurs between you and your spouse.

DIY Divorce

Do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce is not a process. No matter which path you take, you decide on it yourself — minus the lawyer. Going the DIY route means you either fight in court or mediate your case on your own.

This is generally a bad idea. It saves you attorney’s fees, but if things do not go according to plan, you might end up paying more. But if you wish to proceed, pay a lawyer to educate you about your legal rights and responsibilities.

How about you? Which divorce option suits your situation best?