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3 Reasons Working As a Paralegal Is Practical

By Chandler's Watch / Published on Wednesday, 15 Jun 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on 3 Reasons Working As a Paralegal Is Practical / 306 views

Paralegal as a CareerHistory has not been nice to paralegals. It has been said that there is no honor in this profession, as it lacks challenge and the salary is hardly competitive. Many believe that once a paralegal would always be a paralegal. You are doomed to have the same title, pay, and “value” in the law office for life.

However, those notions are so yesterday; the ‘70s are long gone. Successful paralegals of today stand as invaluable members of law firms, enjoy greener bank accounts, and go home fulfilled with the opportunities to help different clients every day.
In fact, most takers of online paralegal training see this professional as a practical career move. Why?

Requires Relatively More Affordable Education

You only need an associate’s degree to become a full-fledged paralegal. Education in America can really hurt your pocket, which is why having the chance to make more than $60,000 annually (plus overtime pays and bonuses) by just obtaining fewer academic requirements is certainly good.

Has a Bright Future

This occupation has seen an explosive growth over the last couple of years, and it’s not showing signs of slowing down. Actually, the Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees the employment rate of paralegals and legal assistants to rise by 8% from 2014 to 2024. Greater demand for the paralegal work means better salaries and more career advancements.

Is a Good Stepping-Stone

Many bona fide attorneys actually started as a paralegal. If you are half-hearted to go and become a lawyer, irrespective of the specialty area, it is worth your while to be a paralegal first. This profession allows you to see if the legal field is really your calling, rather than spending years in the law school only to change paths down the road.
Being a paralegal is not just about practically, but it sure offers a pocketful of realistic benefits. If you want to carve out a niche for yourself as a member of the legal industry, this is a great route to test the waters.