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How to Present Illustrations as Evidence in the Best Way Possible

Using medical illustrations is a great way for prosecutors and defense counsel...

Pro Bono


Attorney General Opposes a Proposal that Seeks the Execution of Gays

Kamala Harris, an Attorney General from California sought a state court last Wednesday for an order that empowers her...

Daily News


A Checklist for Responsible NFA Firearms Ownership

Owning high-powered guns and ammunitions calls for an in-depth knowledge of the law...

Sex Crime

Consent and Condonation: Sex Crime Defenses

Sex crimes and harassment claims are as easy to file as they are difficult to defend....

Taking Notes

Possible Defenses in DUI Charges in Maryland

breathalyzer test

A DUI charge or a charge for driving under the influence is a driving violation you cannot take lightly. It is one of the heavier violations you can commit. The...


More than a Health Issue: Stress Can Have Legal Consequences

Work-related stress poses all kinds of health risks. According...

Justice gavel with blurred law books in the background

Is It Resonating?: Measuring Your Legal Blogging Strategy

Law firms have successfully utilized blogs and social media...


Don’t Delay Security and Safety for Your Home

People mostly live on the principle that it’s okay to forego...

Up and Coming

Last March 23 saw the revisions of various gun laws in the state of Ohio. The license training hours for concealed carry handguns has decreased from 12 hours to eight. This eliminates the requirement that a person who wishes to acquire a license must...

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