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Meet Miranda Rights: Invoke Your Rights When Being Questioned by an Officer

In 2011, FBI reports 1 out of 25 Americans fall under the custody of authorities...


A Checklist for Responsible NFA Firearms Ownership

Owning high-powered guns and ammunitions calls for an in-depth knowledge...

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Attorney General Opposes a Proposal that Seeks the Execution of Gays

Kamala Harris, an Attorney General from California sought a state court last Wednesday for an order that empowers her...

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Can You Really Overcome an Inadmissibility Finding?

No one obtains a visa or green card, or other legal forms of entry to the United...


Can You Really DIY Your Divorce?

You may know some divorcees who have parted ways without hassle, and some who’ve...

Taking Notes

Brainwashing and Badmouthing: Parental Alienation in Child Custody


The real battle in Colorado child custody cases apparently does not happen in court; it is all in the mind. Cases of parental alienation happen more frequently...


Home Buying Risks: The Value of Planning Early

A house is perhaps the singled most expensive thing you’ll...


Prevent a Guilty Verdict: Defenses Against Criminal Charges

The prosecutor must prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt before...

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Possible Defenses in DUI Charges in Maryland

A DUI charge or a charge for driving under the influence is...


More than a Health Issue: Stress Can Have Legal Consequences

Work-related stress poses all kinds of health risks. According...

Up and Coming

Last March 23 saw the revisions of various gun laws in the state of Ohio. The license training hours for concealed carry handguns has decreased from 12 hours to eight. This eliminates the requirement that a person who wishes to acquire a license must...

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